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Peter Pan Cloisonne Pins
Peter Pan is the famous fairy tale "Peter Pan" (adapted from the British Scottish playwright Barry script) in the protagonist Peter Pan (a never grow up child). He will always live in the fantastic "never rural", never want to grow up. Peter Pan not only live in the hearts of children, but also part of the residual memories of adulthood. Peter Pan did not grow up, and never went home, he flew out of the old, the generation after generation of children away from the family, so that they go to "Neverland" up to enjoy the free childhood joy. Peter Pan Cloisonne Pins , very beautiful and lovely . Peter Pan Cloisonne Pins are crafted by soft enamel , die struck with gold finish. Each of us is individually poly bagged and fixed by two rubber caps back. GS-JJ can provide many different cloisonne pins or hard enamel pins at the lowest price. Custom Pins Size: 3.3" Thickness: 1.5mm Style: Hard enamel pins Finish: Gold finish Attachments: Rubber cap Packaging: Individual Polybag Our product lines include: Custom Lapel Pins, Custom Lanyards, Custom Baseball Trading Pins, Custom Medals, Custom Belt Buckles, Custom Challenge Coins, Custom Ornaments, Custom Embroidered Patches, Custom Keychains, Silicon Wristband and MORE ... Click Here for More