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6 Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise   Maddie Penko Health Coaching - Fitness videos Supplements and Articles
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6 Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise Maddie Penko Health Coaching
Discover a half-dozen hacks to start losing weight without lifting a finger in the kitchen or gym. Realistically, the best way to get in shape is to eat whole foods, exercise regularly and indulge in moderation. However, if you just can’t hack a gym routine or you’re just not ready to eat green yet, then master these 6 healthy and slimming practices until you do. Each of these 6 strategies is completely healthy and respectful of your body’s needs. They are some of my own healthy lifestyle practices and they will definitely serve as a positive start to your health & fitness, energy and weight loss journey. Any step in the right direction is totally worth it and so are you. So let’s get to it! Eat Slow The rate at which your body is able to recognize that it’s full is much slower than the rate at which you eat. Therefore, if you eat slower then you’ll give your body a chance to feel fuller while eating less food. FYI: Feeling “stuffed” doesn’t mean that you’re full. It means that you’ve eaten too much and that all that extra food will be stored on your body. Action: Simply start paying attention to how you eat. Are you a gorger who races to clean the plate? Settle down. Be cool. Take your time making sweet mouth-love to your meal & you’ll find yourself eating much less. Bonus tip: know that you don’t have to completely clean the plate either because A) you need leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and B) your mom no longer cares if you eat all your food. Nightly 12-Hour Fast To accelerate your weight loss in a healthy way without actually eating healthy or working out, fast for 12 hours every night between dinner and the next morning’s breakfast. You fast while you sleep for 8 hours anyway, you already know that you shouldn’t eat anything 3 hours before bedtime…so what’s 1 more hour? For most of us, this is in no way “starving” or “depriving” ourselves. We eat food to produce the energy that fuels our bodies for our daily activities, right? So in the evening after dinner when we’re winding down we don’t need fuel to do anything and there’s no need to eat again! If you are very active and you feel hungry in the evening, then this strategy may not be right for you. If you relax or watch TV at night, then this is probably for you. Action: After dinner, stop eating. If you get up at 7am every morning, then have dinner at 6:30pm and resist eating until breakfast the next morning. Don’t eat breakfast? You better start. This leads me to my next point… Click Here for More