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The Beautiful Fox Lapel Pins - The Beautiful Fox Lapel Pins
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The Beautiful Fox Lapel Pins
Fox habitat forest, grassland, semi-desert, hilly area, living in the tree hole or soil, the evening to go foraging,Fox in the wild state mainly fish, mussels, shrimp, crab, maggots, rodents, birds, insects small animals for food, and sometimes eat some wild fruit.Reproductive period form a small group, other life alone. Because it belongs to the canine class, the fox still retains the habit of similar dogs, most of the fox can be tamed by humans, only a few species do not.In the ancient legend of East Asia, many years of practice can be foxes into fox, into a human form, hair language.The Beautiful Fox Lapel Pins,made by GS-JJ,enamel pin maker.The Beautiful Fox Lapel Pins are crafted by soft enamel dye black.The color is uniform,exquisite workmanship.Each of Beautiful Fox Lapel Pins are individually poly bagged and fixed by a rubber cap back. GS-JJ can provide many different lapel pins, including custom lapel pins at the lowest price. Custom Pins Size: 0.9" Thickness: 1.5mm Style: Soft enamel lapel pins Finish: Dye black Attachments: Rubber cap Packaging: Individual Polybag Our product lines include: Custom Lapel Pins, Custom Lanyards, Custom Baseball Trading Pins, Custom Medals, Custom Belt Buckles, Custom Challenge Coins, Custom Ornaments, Custom Embroidered Patches, Custom Keychains, Silicon Wristband and MORE ... Click Here for More