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CB Handle Names
CB radio handles tell a little bit about the owner, while also piquing others’ interest. Some describe his or her physical attributes or personal characteristics, such as Big Dawg, No Neck, Seat Breaker, Tall Order, Methuselah, Grumpy, Stink Bait, Weeping Willy and even Eye Sore. Maybe Eye Sore is actually a really handsome fellow who's just been staring at the road a bit too long. That may serve as a warning to avoid double meanings unless you're aiming for humor, as others could get quite a different image of you from your handle.

CB radio handles can also refer to your background or where you're from, for instance: Yankee, French, Motor Boy, Cowboy from Hell and Texas Toast, although the last one may refer to the driver’s love of the casino video games. We’ll assume that Yodler, Quarter Note, Banjo Joe and Skynyrd are music lovers. Apparent bird followers Falcon, Sea Gull and Buzzard and Buzzered (sic) Bait have places on the list, too. Some handles refer to what people do or have done for a living or hobbies, such as Rancher, Gumshoe, Pipe Wrench, Farmer Joe, The Math Man, Pit Boss and Fish Bait. Often, handles are self descriptions such as Wild Child, Speedball, Barn Burner, Rambler, Code Breaker and Mile-a-Minute. Finally, Leg Man, Sugar Shorts and Sexy speak highly about themselves, while Wishful Thinkin’ seems to be pleading his case. Need a CB handle? Try this CB handle generater. Click here.
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